Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is the first stage of your flying. The holder of a PPL is entitled to carry non fare paying passengers and can fly more-or-less anywhere. If you're interested in a Flying career, a Private Pilot Licence is the best way of getting started.

The holder of a PPL is entitled to carry passengers and can fly more-or-less anywhere within New Zealand.  With a PPL you can take your family or friends off for a weekend away, go for a scenic flight around your local area, or just go flying for the pure enjoyment of it.  After gaining your PPL you can then gain more flying experience, and work towards some of the other courses we provide.

The only legal requirement is that you must be 16 or over to fly solo. 

There is a medical assessment for a Private Pilot which is carried out by a Civil Aviation Authority approved doctor. If you are of good average health you probably won't have any problems getting a PPL (Class 2) medical. Wearing glasses doesn't prevent you from getting a Class 1 (Commercial Pilot) or Class 2 (Private Pilot) medical except in some exceptional cases.


The Training

Before you can sit your final flight test you must have logged the following minimum flight hours:

  • 50 hours total flight time.

  • 15 hours total dual flight instruction.

  • 15 hours total solo flight time.

  • 5 hours dual instruction in instrument flying.

  • 5 hours dual instruction in Terrain and Weather Awareness

  • 5 hours dual cross country flying and 5 hours solo cross country flying.

If you wish to fly at night, you must also complete 5 hours of night flying which must include at least 2 hours of dual instruction and 2 hours of solo flight. Night flying is optional and not required for the issue of a NZ PPL.

In addition to the practical there are a number of theory requirements which involve an exam. You must pass written examinations in the following subjects:

  • Air Law.

  • Meteorology.

  • Navigation and Flight Planning.

  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge.

  • Human Factors.

  • Flight Radio Telephony.

These are equivalent to Year 11 or 12 of secondary school and we will provide you with the necessary tuition as part of the package.

When you have passed the theory tests and you are deemed competent by your instructor you are required to pass a practical flight test in an aeroplane with a CAA authorised flight examiner. This is similar to a drivers licence test - but in the sky!

On successful completion of this course the student will be competent in the following:

  • Normal flight procedures and manoeuvres during all phases of flight.

  • Abnormal and emergency procedures and manoeuvres in the event of failures and malfunctions.

  • All the requirements as per New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

  • AND hold a current New Zealand Private Pilot Licence

All requirements as per the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.



You can complete this licence on a part time basis and pay as you go or we can put together a package for you to get through in a relatively short time.  The package can include both ground training and flying instruction.

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