Personal Wellbeing for Aviation Professionals - COVID-19.

The unprecedented effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the aviation sector massively. Sooner or later though, operations will be reestablished and it is therefore essential for aviation stakeholders to ensure that high safety performance is maintained even now. An imperative towards this is to ensure that all professionals remain physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

To emerge in a better shape in the post coronavirus world, a healthy mindset is an essential requirement. This is not the time to be helpless, but in control. And in order to be in control, one must inculcate regularity and a sense of purpose in your daily life.

A possible way to do that would be to ask yourself each morning -

  • How do I feel today?

  • Am I coping?

  • What can I do for myself and others today?

This ritual is the start of a personal appraisal. Honest answers to these questions will be the first step towards an improved state of wellbeing. Based on your answers, make a plan to target the three pillars of wellbeing - Biological, Psychological and Social. You need to develop a personal lifestyle ensuring:

Biological Wellbeing

  • Healthy diet - Your activity levels would have reduced - maybe time to count calories and take a few supplements?

  • At least some physical activity each day - Body weight exercises, stretching and a skipping rope is enough.

  • Enough sleep - Cut down on screen time late at night, switch off your devices, sleep at the same time each night and wake up early.

Psychological Wellbeing

  • Take out 2 minutes for personal reflection each day.

  • Cut down on alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

  • Few minutes of deep breathing cuts down stress.

  • Start a new hobby, play with your pets, do a bit of gardening.

Social Wellbeing

  • Call the people you wanted to but could not earlier and simply chat.

  • Join a support group to help the needy and contribute even if it is ever so small.

  • Reestablish positive relationships with your family.

  • Take notice of the people around you.

It is an established fact that one needs to keep busy and occupied in stressful situations. Just as pilots will start flying soon and engineers will maintain aircraft, aviation students and abinitio pilots must continue their training. Utilise this time to shore up your knowledge.

Our in-person classroom courses are currently stopped. However, we are committed to supporting your training needs in a COVID-19 environment and therefore are taking steps to evolve into a virtual training environment.

You will still get the same level of expert training as before with the the safety and convenience your own location. We have enabled a Zoom business account that allows us to have customised Personal Meeting IDs and scheduling facilities which makes our classrooms more functional.

Apart from this, our courseware is now available on a Moodle based LMS, which gives you access to presentations, textbooks, question banks and self assessment quizzes. We also use digital tablets and pencils which enables added functionality during virtual classes. Forums are enabled for discussions and solving problems.

Features and benefits:

  • High quality video and audio conferencing

  • Join our virtual classes from any device and any location worldwide

  • Private/group discussion and one to one time with instructors

  • Whiteboards and collaboration tools

  • We have been busy testing and piloting our virtual training internally, and the feedback has been tremendously positive

Current courses:

  • General Navigation

  • Flight Radio

  • Flight Instruments

  • Aviation Metereology

  • Air Regulations

Please look after yourself. Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

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