Multi Engine Instrument Endorsement

This is a programme designed to assist International Commercial Pilots gain the necessary flight experience to hold a Multi Engine Instrument Rating in their home country. It complies with DGCA, India CAR Section 7 – Flight Crew Standards Training and Licensing Series 'B' Part XVIII Issue 1, 7th May 2012.

The training scheme comprises ground and flying requirements for a multi-engine aircraft. The course is a 14 day flying and simulator programme to enhance the student's skills in both Multi Engine handling and IFR procedures.  The programme is held over 14 days and consists of 15 Hours Dual instruction in a twin engined aircraft completing all standard IFR proceedures.  There is also 10 hours of simulator time in our C90 Simulator.

Flying Programme

A total of 15 hours is flown completing NDB/DME procedures, VOR approaches and departures and standard IFR joining, departure and missed approach procedures.  Night flying is included and the flying programme is completed with an assement. All students leave with documentation recording their experience and achievements.  No rating is issued.


Simulator Programme

The 10 hours spent in the suimulator assists with building experience and provides the opportunity to complete a large number of procedures in a realistice environment.


Entry Requirements

  • Hold a current Commercial Pilot Licence

  • Hold a NZ Visitors Visa

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