Flight Instructor Rating


This is a Level 6, 65 Credit, NZQA Approved Programme of 26 weeks duration designed specifically for International Students



  • To provide the skills and knowledge to learners, necessary to achieve a C Category Flight Instructor rating entitling the holder to legally operate a multi-engine aeroplane in New Zealand under instrument flight rules.


Outcome Statement

  • Graduates will be able to exercise the C Category Flight Instructor privileges provided for by CAANZ in New Zealand



The Training Scheme comprises the theory and flying requirements for a C Category Flight Instructor Rating.


Theory Training includes:

  • Flight Instructional Techniques

  • Legislation

  • Principles of Flight (aeroplane)

  • Meteorology

  • Cross country navigation techniques


Practical flying centres on preparation for the C Category Flight Instructor Flight Test and includes;

  • In flight exercises including pre and post flight briefings

  • Practical Flight instruction


Entry requirements

To be eligible for entry to this programme, applicants must;

  • Hold a current Commercial Pilot Licence

  • Be over 18 years of age

  • Be competent in spoken English to meet CAANZ requirements

  • Hold an Aviation Class 1 medical certificate

  • Meet the CAANZ 'Fit & Proper Person' status requirements


In addition, International applicants must:

  • Have an IELTs score of 6.0 or higher with no band score below 5.5

  • All applicants will be interviewed prior to acceptance with a focus on career pathway, health, age and literacy.



  • Training will be carried out in accordance with CAANZ Rule Part 61 and advisory Circular 61-18 and Flight Test Standards Guidelines for C Category Flight Instructor.

  • The flight Instructional techniques course is delivered by Massey University.


Teaching Methods

  • Theory subjects are taught in a ground school supported by written and e course materials, with practice assessments for each subject.  Supporting exercises will include assignments, case studies and observation of real air operations.

  • The flight Instructional techniques course is delivered by Massey University.

  • Flying and practical flight instruction is taught one to one as a sequence of practical flying exercises in simulators and aircraft.  Each flight includes a pre-flight briefing and post-flight de-briefing.

  • The programme is delivered at our Whanganui facility.


Assessment Methods

  • CAANZ theory subjects are assessed via external exams conducted by ASL under CAANZ approval.

  • Flying hours are recorded and Flight Instruction competencies are certified by A or B Category Flight Instructors and flight test are conducted by a CAA approved Flight Examiner.



  • Total weeks of course (including holiday weeks) - 26

  • Total teaching weeks (excluding holiday weeks) - 23

  • Average self-directed study hours per week - 8.5

  • Total study hours per week (teaching + self-directed) - 28.5

  • Total study hours - 650

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