Commercial Pilot License

NZ International Commercial Pilot Academy has been granted approval by NZQA under section 251 of the Education Act 1989 to deliver Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) (Level 5) training.


  • This Training Scheme is for people including international students, who have no direct flying experience. It provides the skills and knowledge to learners, necessary to achieve a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with a type rating, entitling the holder to legally operate an aeroplane in New Zealand for commercial purposes.



  • The training scheme comprises theory subjects and practical flying for PPL and CPL including a type rating for the aircraft used.


Private Pilot Licence (PPL) theory subjects including;

  • Air Law, Air Navigation & Flight Planning, Aircraft Technical Knowledge (Aeroplane), Human Factors, Meteorology and Flight Radiotelephony

  • Completed an ICAO Aviation English Language Proficiency Test


Practical flying and flight test for PPL covering;

  • Demonstrate flying skills to enable first solo flight

  • Demonstrate cross country navigation skills

  • Demonstrate mountainous terrain awareness

  • Demonstrate flying skills for a private pilot’s licence (PPL flight test)


Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) theory subjects including;

  • Air Law, Flight Navigation General, Meteorology, Principles of Flight and Aircraft Performance (Aeroplane), General Aircraft Technical Knowledge (Aeroplane), and Human Factors

  • Completed an ICAO Aviation English Language Proficiency Test


Practical flying and flight tests for CPL covering;

  • Demonstrate flying skills for a CPL

  • Demonstrate cross country navigation skills

  • Demonstrate basic mountain flying

  • Demonstrate winter flying

  • Show preparedness for a CPL flight test

  • Type rating for a single engine Aeroplane



  • Graduates will complete a Private Pilot Licence and achieve a type rating for at least one aircraft type in the process of becoming qualified Commercial Pilots, able to exercise the privileges provided for by CAANZ in New Zealand.


Entry requirements

To be eligible for entry to this programme, applicants must;

  • Hold an Aviation Class 1 medical certificate, and

  • Be able to meet the CAANZ 'Fit & Proper Person' status requirements, (normally includes a Land Transport Driving History report and Ministry of Justice report) and

  • Be competent in spoken English to meet CAANZ requirements, and

  • Be at least 17 years of age and 18 by the date of the CPL flying test, and

  • Hold NCEA Level 2 or equivalent, and

  • Complete the ADAPT Trainee Pilot Pre-screening Test


In addition to the above, International Students will:

  • Be at least 18 years of age, and

  • Secondary school passes in Maths & Physics, and

  • Have an IELTS score of 5.5 or higher, and

  • Pass the Aviation English test for CAANZ

  • Provide referees/references and be interviewed prior to acceptance with a focus on career pathway, health, age and literacy


Unit Standards

  • There are no standards associated with this programme - all standards are as set out in NZCAA Part 62 and associated Advisory Circulars.


Delivery and Assessment

  • Delivery mode type - Face-to-face.


Delivery method

  • CAA theory subjects are taught in a ground school supported by written and e course materials, with practice assessments for each subject. Supporting exercises will include assignments, case studies and observation of real air operations.

  • Practical flying is taught in a sequence of exercises with specified outcomes. Each flight comprises a pre-flight briefing, practice flight and post-flight de-briefing.


Assessment Methods

  • CAA theory subjects are assessed via external exams conducted by ASL under CAANZ approval.

  • Flying competencies and knowledge improvement are certified by Cat A or B Flight Instructors and flight test are conducted by a CAA approved Flight Examiner.



  • Total length Including holiday weeks - 52 weeks

  • Teaching weeks excluding holiday weeks - 45 weeks

  • Self-Directed Learning Hours - 10 hours average per week

  • Total Learning Hours - 350 hours

  • Total Learning Hours - 1350 hours

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