Becoming a pilot needs dedication, hard work, time and resources, but it is well worth it. A pilot's life is full of adventure, travel, excitement and the salaries are extremely attractive.

To become a pilot, the basic requirements are medical fitness, passes in ground theory, flight training and passes in flight license issue tests. We recommend that you join our flying school in New Zealand as this is the most value for money flight school in the entire world and your training here is of the highest quality.


The basic steps to become a pilot are outlined below. Our counsellors will happily guide you in this exciting journey.


To start with, you need to have passed Class XII from a recognised board with Physics and Maths. In case you don't have Physics and Maths, you can enrol with the National Institute of Open Schooling and obtain passes in these subjects.
Get your DGCA Class 2 Medical completed. A list of empanelled doctors is available HERE


Enrol with us for admission to NZICPA - The best flight school in the world. This is a simple process and our team will guide you each step of the way.


Get your CAA NZ Class 1 Medical completed. The procedure is given on DGCA website


Apply for a Computer No. at DGCA. The procedure is given HERE.

From here you can adopt two procedures - Study for ground subjects and pass DGCA theory exams and then proceed to New Zealand for flight training; or proceed to New Zealand for flight training, get your CAA NZ CPL and come back to India and pass your conversion exams.


DGCA conducts 4 exams - Navigation, Meteorology, Regulations and Technical. In addition you have to appear for your Radio Telephony (RTR) exams, conducted by Ministry of Telecommunication. We provide the best ground classes in India. For outstation students, we also refer you to safe, value for money paying guest accommodation.


Proceed to New Zealand and complete your flying as per DGCA requirements. You will need to pass 6 ground exams for your PPL and 6 exams for your CPL. You will fly 200 hours out of which 185 will be on single engine aircraft, 15 on multi engine aircraft and in addition you will get 20 hours on our multi-engine simulator. You will come our with a NZ CPL and all paperwork for DGCA Multi Engine and Instrument Rating endorsements.

After coming back to India you have to pass just conversion exams  - Composite and Regulations. Being a commonwealth country, there is no requirement of the RTR Exam. It is straightaway converted to an Indian RTR! You then need to fly around 8 hours with an Indian flying club for your conversion flights.


Apply for license. 

Start applying for jobs at airlines. We help you in this and also prepare you for airline interviews!

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